The collective

La Sophiste is an artist collective which works on the creation of participative scenographies and interactive installations with digital or analog interfaces.
We experiment in different disciplines : mapping installation, direction and performances.

Our approach considers the decompartmentalisation of art and the overrun of cultural rituals; it aspires to the deconditioning of individuals. We supprt and seek to promote singular forms of art, taking oddity as a source of inspiration. We want to give meaning to the notion of interactivity, and to create a space where the spectator has a real role to play.

The Sophist gathers several people :

Gaëtan Hervé: musicologist / developer
Arthur Masson: engineer in digital imaging
Mitch Fournial: administrator / video director
Thomas Girault: secretary / engineer of IT research
Matthieu Brient: communication / president
Nicolas Gau: constructor

Our activity is established at “Les Ateliers du Vent” since June 2012, multidisciplinary collective in Rennes.